Welcome to Honest Chocolates, we have designed some homecrafted chocolate customization for our viewers. If you want a chocolate for self, gifting or event based, we may provide a unique solution and budget customization. We may arrange pan India shipping. For bookings contact 8588801785

We have a range of different varieties and customization

A. Choose your Base Chocolate

  1. Compound (in Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils) - Economic

  2. Couverture (in Cocoa Butter) - Premium

B. Choose your Chocolate Type

  1. White Chocolate

  2. Milk Chocolate

  3. Dark

  4. Blended

C. Add your filling flavor

  1. Nutella

  2. Butterscotch

  3. Nuts

  4. Rice Crackles

  5. Oreo

  6. Paan

  7. Gulkand

  8. Rasmalai

  9. Sweet

D. Choose additional Color (only for White Chocolate)

  1. Peach

E. Select the Shape

  1. Bars (Small, Medium, large)

  2. Heart ( Heart Box, Heart pieces)

  3. Mixed Shapes

  4. Diwali Crackers

F. Select the inner packaging

  1. Aluminium Foils

  2. Plastic

G. Select the outer packaging (Subject to availability)

  1. Box

  2. Potli

  3. Corrugated

  4. Glass cans

  5. Tins

  6. Customised

H. Additional Customization

  1. Alpha Numerical message in Chocolates

  2. Printed message card or sticker

  3. Printed Box Cover

I. Any additional artifacts to be placed in box

  1. Artificial jewelry

  2. Candles

J. Additional request notes

  1. Sugarfree dark

  2. Dark percentage

  3. Order by Weight, by no of boxes, by no of bars, by pieces

K. Additional Premium options (Shelf life less than 7 days)

  1. Pralines (Nuts, Sugar, Cream)

  2. Ganache (Whipped Chocolate & Cream)

  3. Mousse ( Whipped Cream, egg white and Chocolates)

  4. Truffles (Ganache center coated with chocolate & coco powder)

All this happens at a very reasonable pricing and suitable for almost every occasions

Provide us adequate advance and time to source the raw materials for customizations.

Disclaimer: Information is for illustration purpose only.

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Cadbury's India's leading chocolate manufacturer with market penetration of indicative figures of 75%. To check its gifting options for festival Season CHECK HERE. No doubt cadbury's pricing meet's its marketing and industrial costs that is high for end user.

There are other options in the market these days like local chocolate boutiques that is into customization of chocolates to new innovations. These chocolate boutiques due to their low transportation and local presence can provide range of your favorite mouth watering chocolate delicacy options in better deals with compound recipe . To check an exclusive range of such options watsapp here.

Welcome to our Homemade Chocolate Collections. CHOCHONEST is being set to bring this diwali chocolate customized gifts to your doorstep. Whether you need customized bars, chocolate covered choice of nuts, handcrafted chocolate designs, elegant box of celebrations to your desire, chocolate mousse crafts, pralines, we shall customize it !


To Learn basic chocolate customization from us for self, gifting or startup of your own business, book appointment with us.

We will cover basics

  1. Types of Chocolates and compounds

  2. Tempering a Chocolate and compounds

  3. Molding a Chocolate

  4. Equipment's and storage

FEE- JUST RS 300 / HR online sessions

How to book a session appointment

  1. Pay Advance Fee on Paytm - PAY HERE

  2. Check available appointment slots in calender

  3. Send Payment screenshot with your contact details and student name on watsapp HERE

  4. Download Zoom application for video session